Training Everyday

If you think about it humans already train there legs, Calfs, & feet every day, might not be to much muscle involved but cartilage, ligaments, & tendons of the legs are constantly on a 5-8 hour cycle of rest when sleeping & training 16 hours a day. I have Knee tendinitis & My knees feel the best when I do something daily for them whether it be a quick 20 min leg workout for pump & blood flow to Heavy Squats just be aware of pain & let them rest when they need it, Your body will speak to your with the language of pain & sensations. Stretching a lot helps a ton with knee tendinitis to. (I do gymnastics/bodyweight mastery on my YouTube channel).

I have trained every body part once a day 1 exercise a day for about 6 weeks. my body felt fantastic. Just don’t neglect Eating, Rest, Stretching is a must for joint health weather training every day or not & listen to your body. It speaks in the language of pain & sensations. Take rest days when you need them too.